Collection: Photizo Red Light Vetcare, Sport & Pain Relief Units

There are a few Red Light units now on the market but one size doesn't fit all. The Photizo Units are manufactured in South Africa and the research was done to make sure that the timed dose and the output of red and infared is correct. The specification of the output is on each Photizo page at the bottom. There are units which are the same the Sport is the same as the Vetcare & these were created so Photizo could get the Medical CE for use on humans. I have been selling Photizos for over 7 years and get very few back from hire about 1% and I sell a lot!

LED Red Light therapy works by restoring energy in damaged cells and increasing blood flow using highly beneficial wavelengths of red and infrared light. The function of a cell will be compromised after damage caused by injury, surgery, disease or if the body is slower to heal from some conditions. When light therapy is applied quickly after acute injury, the process of cell death can be prevented which will lead to quicker healing and recovery following injury. 

The Sport has a Medical CE for acute pain relief 

The Pain Relief has a Medical CE for chronic pain relief

Both of these can also be used on your pets!