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Photizo Sport Red Light Therapy Unit


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The Photizo Sport device has a Medical CE for treating acute pain caused by all kinds of sports-related and other injuries and conditions including Achilles tendon rupture, bursitis, calf muscle tear, fibromyalgia, golfer’s and tennis elbow, ITB syndrome, muscle strains, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff syndrome, repetitive strain injuries and shin splints. It is a simple-to-use, rechargeable home care treatment device. There is a 12 month guarantee on the Photizo Unit.

There are a few Red Light units now on the market but one size doesn't fit all. The Photizo Units are manufactured in South Africa and the research was done to make sure that the timed dose and the output of red and infared is correct. The specification of the output is on each Photizo page at the bottom. There are units which are the same, the Sport is the same as the Vetcare & these were created so Photizo could get the Medical CE for use on humans. I have been selling Photizos for over 7 years and get very few back from hire about 1% and I sell a lot!

Try before you buy - Deposit £310

Pay for the Photizo Sport as a deposit, Try for 2 weeks, If you want to return it send it back for a refund, less the hire fee of £40 and original delivery charge of £9. The unit needs to be returned on 15th day. If you want to keep it there is nothing else to pay.

Purchase - £299

If you would like to purchase the Photizo Sport without hiring it first, please select the purchase option and you will be charged the lower cost.

Delivery is via Royal Mail Special Delivery. I can send via courier but his would be extra please contact me if you prefer this. I can deliver to Republic of Ireland and this option is available at checkout. 

Different levels of acute pain can happen almost every day, from soft tissue injury due to overuse, joint injuries caused by strains, sprains or fractures, and normal bumps or bruises that happen to everyone.

Photizo Sport device uses red and near infrared light which has been shown to trigger your body’s own pain-relieving processes to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation and speed up recovery. It's aimed at the treatment of acute pain or sudden onset pain usually due to a sports or repetitive strain injury. The device uses red and near infrared LEDs to stimulate cell activity which accelerates your natural healing process.

Red light therapy helps to reduce muscle spasms, increase the size of your blood and lymph vessel diameter to help your body clear out waste products, and get more blood, oxygen and nutrients into the treated areas.

Photizo Sport will help to reduce acute pain associated with inflammation of overuse injuries, for example, runner’s knee, shin splints, tennis and golfer’s elbow.

The LEDs, or light-emitting diodes at the heart of our Photizo Sport are non-invasive and painless and bring a gentle and soothing warmth to the area being treated. As an added benefit for athletes, the treated skin doesn’t need any extra recovery time.

Photizo Sport comes with a charger and an easy-to-follow User Guide with step-by-step instructions on how to use the device correctly.

Red Light therapy works by restoring energy in damaged cells and increasing blood flow using highly beneficial wavelengths of red and infrared light. The function of a cell will be compromised after damage caused by injury, surgery, disease or if the body is slower to heal from conditions such as diabetes. When light therapy is applied quickly after acute injury, the process of cell death can be prevented which will lead to quicker healing and recovery following injury.

 Cells in people and animals are receptive to light and from numerous clinical and scientific studies, the proven effects of red and infrared light are:

  • Increases energy in cells (production of ATP in the mitochondria)

  • Increases circulation

  • Increased cell regeneration

  • Reduces inflammation and increases lymphatic activity

  • Increases immune system activity

  • Cell death is reversed when applied within 4-6 hrs of injury

  • Regulation of collagen production helping to reduce scarring

  • Pain relief and calming by increasing endorphins and serotonin


Photizo Sport Specification

Power output 1300mW (Peak output: 340mW/cm2 / Average output: 194mW/cm2)
Coverage 4.7cm2
Wavelengths 633nM (red) and 850nM (infrared) – each dose includes both wavelengths simultaneously
Mains power 100 – 240VAC
Battery voltage 7.2 DC
Battery charger 12V, 1A
Charging time 3-4 hours
Weight 280g
Dose details 6 joules, 30% includes a range of pulsed frequencies (50/50 duty cycle), 70% continuous