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NEW Design 2023 Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle

NEW Design 2023 Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle


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I do have an ex hired Standard & Small Horse in brown, see ex hired bridles page. 

The Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle has been redesigned for 2023. The leather has been upgraded, the headpiece is more curved as well as the browband & the noseband is wider. 

The Micklem® Bridle eliminates pressure around your horse's sensitive poll and ears to alleviate discomfort and reduce tension.

Micklem reduces pressure from 5 points

  1. Poll & Ears
  2. TMJ area (Temporomandibular Joint)
  3. Sensitive nerve in front of face / cheek bone
  4. Protruding Molars and sensitive tissue inside the mouth
  5. Delicate tip of the nasal bone

Its clever design considers the comfort of the inside of the horse's mouth and dispels numbness issues in the lower face associated with unnecessary nerve pressure. The nose band further minimises any discomfort or breathing restrictions which can be associated with low fitting dropped nosebands. The bridle's intelligent design removes any possible discomfort and pain from under the tongue caused by unnecessary pressure leaving you with refined communication with your horse without pain.

The Micklem Competition Bridle is just a bitted bridle and you can’t use the bitless accessories to convert this bridle to a bitless bridle. The Micklem Competition Bridle is available in the original version and also the Deluxe and Black Diamante versions.

Are you are having bitting problems with your horse or pony and are constantly changing the bit? Are you having issues with the contact, leaning on the bit, going behind the contact or just not taking the bit forward. This could be due to bridle discomfort. The Micklem bridle was designed to avoid the sensitive areas on a horse’s face allowing the horse to concentrate on you rather than the discomfort of the bridle.

How the hiring works  - deposit £165 inc delivery             

You pay for bridle as a deposit and try for 2 weeks, If you want to return it, then you send it back. I would refund you less hire fee £30 plus the original delivery charge of £9. If you want to keep it there is nothing else to pay and you have tried a new bridle for free!

Purchase only option - £150 inc delivery

If you would like to purchase the bridle without hiring it first, please select the purchase option and you will be charged the lower cost. I can help you with sizing and fitting with this option as well!

Sizing - You are not sure what size you need?

I can select the correct size for your horse or pony if you are not sure. Please email a photo of the side of your horses head wearing their current bridle to

I can ship to the USA/Canada, the cost of shipping is available at checkout. The delivery is around 7 days.

I bought my first Rambo Micklem Bridle in 2012 for a young event horse that I owned who just didn’t seem to be comfortable in a normal bridle, he was difficult in the contact and I had tried numerous different bits and was scratching my head. So I bought a Micklem Bridle. When it arrived it had no fitting instructions and it took me and the yard owner about 10 mins laying it all out on the ground and trying to work out how to put it together! In the Micklem, he was transformed & so much better in the contact and so my business started....

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