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Rambo Micklem 3 Point Breastplate


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William decided to design a 3 point breastplate martingale to allow for the maximum adjustment possibilities on the sides of the neck, underbelly strap and with detachable martingale attachment. Extra removable safety grab strap included to clip across withers of the horse for the rider to hold if exercising young/exuberant horses or for novice riders to help with balance. Top clips attach to D-ring of the saddle and we have included optional attachments for the stirrup bars which give a safer and more secure attachment point without damaging the saddle.

How the hiring option works - the deposit is £104

You pay for breastplate as a deposit and try for 2 weeks, If you want to return it, then you send it back. I would refund you less hire fee of £25 plus the original delivery charge. if you want to keep it there is nothing else to pay and you have tried a new breastplate for free!

 I only have Brown Pony & a Black Small Horse which has only been taken out of the bag so is slightly cheaper.

I am not restocking the Martingale Breastplates so these are the last ones I have.

Sizing - You are not sure what size you need? Please email