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Hidez Compression Socks


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Hidez Compression Socks available in pairs in both front and hind legs use graduated compression. The front socks fit above the knee and hind socks fit above the hock. 

The term graduated compression means applying a greater amount of pressure at the extremities (the lowest point of the leg) and the pressure reduces off along the limbs and body. This technique Hidez uses, force these vital blood supplies out of the lower limbs (where fluids tend to pool) back into circulation, back towards the heart & lymphatics.

This process enhances blood flow and oxygen availability to animal’s muscles speeds up the removal of waste products (e.g. lactic acids and carbon dioxide) for vital blood supplies. Good healthy blood supplies help recover injuries faster, help prevent injuries by maintaining muscle temperature and it reduces muscle fatigue and by flushing out bad blood it reduces delayed onset muscle soreness

Compression in horses, if we look at the human studies regarding compression and tissue repair, you will see that it is highly recommended. In actual fact compression and ice are one of the main form of therapy for all acute and reoccurring injuries in all forms of sport .

The compression socks will help the tissue repair process, it does this by reducing tendon vibration when the horse is moving around.  

The compression speeds up recovery time for muscle and soft tissue injuries and soreness. The Hidez Socks are comfortable to wear and they do not overheat legs even in extreme temperatures. They do not slip down unless the legs are recently clipped and are secured by Velcro strap. Only designed to be worn in the stable. They do come in pony sizes which can be ordered and take a week to arrive. 

I have few ex hired: 16 - 17hh hinds blue only tried on once £175, a pair of hinds 14 -15h in black £150 & pair hind black 15 - 16hh £150, They are listed above.

I don't have all colours of all sizes but I can order them for you from Australia within a week. There are more colours available so if you want a pair in another colour, have a look at the Hidez Australia website. The special orders are the same price and include courier delivery to your address.

These socks are also available with ice pockets. Please contact me for further information

How you can hire  - Deposit £195 or £200 for Seamless inc delivery       

You pay for the socks as a deposit and try for 2 weeks, If you want to return them, then you send them back. I then would refund you less hire fee of £30 and original delivery charge of £9. if you want to keep them, there is nothing else to pay and you have tried a new socks for free!

For shipping outside the UK please contact me