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Micklem English Leather Large Horse Competition Bridle Deluxe Brown

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The Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle designed by William Micklem after he designed the Multi Bridle. The Competition Bridle is just a bitted bridle and you can’t use the bitless accessories to convert this bridle to a bitless bridle. This bridle is English Leather so rare!

The Deluxe Micklem Bridle has a raised and stitched browband and noseband. Designed with the same comfort as the Original Micklem Competition bridle

Are you are having bitting problems with your horse or pony and are constantly changing the bit? Are you having issues with the contact, leaning on the bit, going behind the contact or just not taking the bit forward. This could be due to bridle discomfort. The Micklem bridle was designed to avoid the sensitive areas on a horse’s face allowing the horse to concentrate on you rather than the discomfort of the bridle.

These are to purchase only and I only have Large Horse size. If you want to try first then you can hire the original competition bridle and upgrade to the English Leather version.

Sizing - You are not sure what size you need?

I select the correct size for your horse or pony. Please email a photo of the side of your horses head wearing their current bridle to