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Ice Vibe

Horseware Ice-Vibe Cool Therapy Massage Boots


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The ICE-VIBE® boots are rechargeable vibrating boots that help to boost circulation in horse’s legs by creating a massage effect. They combine the effects off cooling and massage therapy to effectively treat strains, ligament and tendon damage. The massage effect helps to stimulate the lymph system to remove soreness and swelling as well as improving circulation. Everyday wear and tear on joints can be managed with daily use of the boots and rehabilitation through injury can be achieved more effectively.

Using the boots before you ride can assist you to prepare your horses legs for exercise in the stable, they do this by creating a massaging effect increasing blood flow to the tendons and ligaments making them more elastic, which can help reduce the risk of injury. The massaging effect also helps to stimulate the lymph system similar to exercise to help reduce existing inflammation

I use these in conjunction with the Hidez Compression socks with injuries and after competition. 

How the hiring works - deposit £229

Pay for tendon boots as a deposit, Try for up to 2 weeks, If you want to return them, send them back for a refund less hire fee of £35 and delivery charge of £11. If you want to keep them there is nothing else to pay.

Purchase only - £195

If you would like to purchase the tendon boots without hiring it first, please select the purchase option and you will be charged the lower cost.

Boots/wraps must be returned on the 15th day, unless previously agreed.