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Hidez Compression Travel Suit


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I have used the Hidez Suit for travelling to competitions and I was surprised as I really felt a difference!

The theory behind the Travel & Recovery Compression suits applies external controlled pressure to the major muscle groups. The suit is designed to facilitate the return of fluid to the bloodstream, minimise inflammation and encourage good blood flow to the muscles. The moisture management fabric keeps your horse cool, dry and comfortable at all times, including in extreme temperatures. Your horse will not sweat in the Hidez Compression suit

The Hidez Compression Suit benefits are 

Enhances greater blood flow 

Promotes oxygen availability to the muscles

Speeds up the removal of waste products from the bloodstream

Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness

Helps maintain muscle temperature 

Speeds up recovery time

Reduces swelling and inflammation

Alleviates stiffness, pain, tension and discomfort

To achieve the best results

It is recommend that you travel your horse in the Hidez Compression Suit to ensure your horse remains calm and to allow nervous horses to arrive at your competition relaxed so that they can perform at their full potential.

Once you have arrived, if you are staying away from home, that your horse wears the suit prior to tacking up. This will promote an increased blood flow to the blood cells.

After competition put the suit back on to travel back home to assist with recovery and to help with any stiffness.

If you horse has an injury, wearing the suit as much as possible during the day will help with healing due to the increase blood flow to the injured areas.

These suits are not designed for use at night as shoes can make holes the fabric. They are also not designed for turnout.

These can be hired for 2 weeks, please contact me for details