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Fenwick Liquid Titanium Hock Boots NEW

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Fenwick Equestrian®'s Liquid Titanium®® Far InfraRed fabric incorporates a patented technology which has resulted in the production of a highly functional therapeutic Hock Boot that heals naturally. Our Liquid Titanium® products improve blood flow without compression and accelerates the healing process. Our therapeutic Hock Boots can be worn with no adverse effects.

Our fabric is a Far Infrared (FIR) therapy  Fenwick LT® is based on the dispersion of titanium in water at the nano level by water-soluble metal technology.   

No warmup period is required. Stable use is our preferred method of application. We do not recommend using for turnout.  You can also use it when exercising with a Polo or support bandage can help keep hock boot in place.  I would recommend put it on though for 30 mins before exercising to get the maximum benefit.

How the hire works - Deposit £83 including delivery.

You pay the full price of the hock wraps in advance which includes delivery via Royal Mail 48 hours tracked and if you want to return it after 14 days, it has to be sent back on 15th day (exc Sunday) .  Once I have received it back, I would refund you less the hire fee of £30. Subject to my terms of hiring. There is a guaranteed next day delivery (business day) option at checkout.  

If you want to purchase only, the price is the same.