Photizo LED Red Light

Photizo LED Red Light

Photizo Red Light Devices accelerate the natural healing processes of your body, reducing swelling and inflammation, stimulating your immune system and relieving pain caused by underlying health conditions or injuries.

There is clinical evidence and with real world customers using red light that demonstrates it's extremely effective. It's been studied in hundreds of clinical trials, resulting in amazing improvements in skin health, collagen production, physical performance and muscle recovery, sleep, joint pain, inflammation and the list goes on...

The Photizo are hand held, easy to use, rechargeable and portable. They come boxed with a carrying pouch, charger and user guide. There is a timer on the unit so just press and when the dose is completely it automatically switches off. They are safe, drug free, and painless. The Photizos are designed for home use and achieve quick pain relieving results.

I found with my customers that they use the Vetcare/Pain Relief on their animals as well as themselves. I recommend that if you have a larger animal, labrador size upwards then it is better to try the Pain Relief unit as the dosage is slightly longer.

So happy with my Pain Relief Photizo. I have bad arthritis in both my knees and my ankles aren't great. Susannah said I would get some immediate pain relief after the first dose and she was right. I can now walk with very little pain. Jane

I was recommended a Photizo by my horse's physio and she introduced me to Susannah. She said I could use it on my horse and also on myself. I have arthritis in my fingers which makes them stiff and painful. Susannah said I would get immediate pain relief and I couldn't believe it, I can use my hands and fingers more than I could. I am so thrilled. Lynne

The Photizo Red light until has been well received by my clients. I’m a Clinical Massage Therapist and on occasions an area of the body is just too painful for me to work on. 

Typically spending a minute or two using the Photizo red unit on a painful area is sufficient to reduce the pain that I can then treat the area. I find once I use the unit that mobility is improved immediately. 

When I have completed treating the area I use the Photizo again to calm any residual discomfort in that area. The client leaves happy and I’m happy that I can get more done in a treatment hour due to the immediate reduction in pain. Complete Balance

I’m am really impressed with your super fast delivery of my photizo red light unit. I have used it on myself with impressive results and on my husbands back, after he was hit by a tennis ball.  

I’m using the unit daily on my fell pony for a fetlock and tendon injury, he is making a  slow recovery. I am really happy with your fabulous after sales support and advice. Julie

Quick ,easy to order and use! Have been using it on horses, dogs and husband! Zoe

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